Wednesday, July 10, 2019

WPVM Honors Veterans

In February of this year, WPVM premiered a new monthly show, “NCServes Western Veterans Radio Hour.” NCServes, now known as Veterans Services of the Carolinas (VSC)—a local division of AmericaServes—is a non-profit organization that offers veterans, service members and families of both, access to a range of supportive sources from superior housing and emergency service providers to employment, recreation and fitness, health and well-being, financial capabilities and more.

Kevin Rumley 
Coordinator, Buncombe County
Veterans Treatment Court 
The show is presented live on the first Thursday of the month at 11 a.m. and rebroadcast on Tuesdays at 5pm. Each show presents experts in specific fields important to veterans and their families. One of the featured guests, Christy Shortridge, an Air Force veteran currently working on her master’s degree in social work, shared: “WPVM is giving us veterans an unstifled voice to speak to our brothers and sisters in a very candid manner that otherwise we wouldn’t have. We are so grateful.”

Following their mission of giving back to their much-loved Asheville community, managers of WPVM 103.7FM, Ms. Davyne Dial and Dr. Herbert Johnson, who acquired the FCC license for the not-for-profit station in June of 2015 (building the long-dormant station into a strong, positive voice of the community), consider it a privilege to broadcast the “NCServes Western Veterans Radio Hour.” The couple sees the program as a vital addition to their already notable lineup of informed show hosts well-versed in the fields of arts and culture, with a focus on vintage and regional music, as well as politics and current events—all covering subjects important to Asheville and the surrounding communities.

“It’s especially reassuring to know that women veterans and veterans’ families are being cared for and offered support services through NCServes Western,” remarked Ms. Dial, who is the daughter of a World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veteran, as well as the former wife of a Vietnam War combat serviceman. “I’m happy that WPVM can play a part in focusing on these needs. In fact, I felt working with this group was nothing less than a sacred opportunity.” ~